Elly Tree Claudia Myatt Julia Dansie Mothership Voyage
Merlyn's Open Mic
Jan Pulsford Clare Perkins
David Turner
Tom Rogerson girl in a gale
Nick Nicolson
Merls Pearls
ambient music world
Tori Ramsay
Julia Jones
Petra Garrard & Mark Jolley
Stephen WIlliam Hodd
Peter Hepworth
Martin Newell
Polly Haines
Martin Wilks
Charlie Law Phil Jackson
Sam Newton
Anthony Awad
Phoebe Butler
Merlyn Bruce
Claire Cordeaux Art Butler
Charles Mugleston
Glass Thistles
and we were sorry that Richard Norris, Frances Shelley, Wooden Roots and Anni Hogan could not join us due to Covid date restrictions.