The Spirit of Place Festival has been put to bed . . . phew what a year but I'm so glad to say we did what we set out to do - lift people’s spirits after struggling through a time of no live music or the arts. 
We provided work for musicians who had lost all their work, mostly with no support, when the great lockdown of 2019 started.
We also provided seven inspiring events for the community, helped by the generosity of the Arts Council and local sponsors.
And so onto the next! 
We are involved with two fabulous FREE events celebrating the Spirit of Christmas on Dec 5th and Dec 22. Both on the river front with a Christmas market and music on Whisstocks square for the Regatta and lighting up the TideMill with a spectacular Son et Lumiere after the Carol Concert on 22nd Dec.
Looking forward to seeing you there!
We are importing news and events directly from Facebook on this page too!